Spring Tri-Club
P.O. Box 162, Spring, TX  77383                                                                                         springtriclub@yahoo.com
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Courtney Musterman - President
Lisa Myrick - 1st Vice President
Jana Gonzales - 2nd Vice President
Britney Graham - Secretary
Christy Greer - Treasurer  

Welcome to Spring Tri-Club
The objectives and purposes of this organization are to encourage youth to become better students in the development of skills in practical agricultural and homemaking projects through personal achievement and to make better citizens and leaders for the community, state and nation through competitive achievement. 
Position 1 - James Rickett
Position 3 - James Morell
Position 5 - Marsha Cook
Position 2 - Shelly Harrison
Position 4 - James Turner
Position 6 - Pam Viereck
Dekaney FFA - Jamie Alford
Spring FFA - Patrick Fuchs
Spring 4-H - Heather Hoyland
Westfield FFA - Hannah Eiland
Carl Wunsche FFA - Jessica Graham
2019-2020 Executive Board