Spring Tri-Club
P.O. Box 162, Spring, TX  77383                                                                                         springtriclub@yahoo.com
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2021 Best of Show Winners
Best of Show Quick Bread - Yuliana Castillo CWFFA; Buyer - Meyer Farm
Best of Show Craft - Alyssa Barraza WFFA; Buyer - James and Delane Morell
Best of Show Candy - Ariana Barraza WFFA; Buyer - Andy and Mary Cochrum
Best of Show Canning - Victoria Gurgos 4-H; Buyer - Debbie Dixon
Best of Show Cookies - Alyssa Barraza WFFA; Buyer - Brenda Keys
Best of Show Horticulture Fresh - Ashley Mills SFFA; Buyer - Don and Colette Bayer
1st Place Cake - Savana Graff 4-H; Buyer - Debbie Dixon
1st Place Craft - Tristen Stone SFFA; Buyer - Debbie Dixon