Spring Tri-Club
P.O. Box 162, Spring, TX  77383                                                                                         springtriclub@yahoo.com
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Spring Tri-Club Scholarship
Avalt Meyer Memorial 
Spring Tri-Club Scholarship
**Recipient must submit a copy of paid tuition by October 1st of the year the scholarship is awarded and March 1st of the following spring semester.  (If you are on a payment plan with your school, the receipt does not need to show "paid in full" but that you are paid and enrolled for the semester.)

E-Mail to:  marsha.perez@bracewell.com or  
By mail to: Spring Tri-Club, P.O. Box 162, Spring, Texas 77383   

**Avalt Meyer Memorial Scholarship recipient should mail a copy of paid tuition separately to same address.**

**2023 Seniors have the opportunity to apply for two scholarships.  Both scholarships are administered through Tri-Club and the applications are similar; however, the interviews are completed separately. If seniors wish to apply for both scholarships they must completely fill out and turn in both sets of paperwork.**
 2023 Application Available January 2023
Scholarship Applications Deadline:  [T/B/A]
Interviews Tentatively Scheduled for:  [T/B/A]
 2023 Application Available January 2023